Saturday, August 3, 2013

Sara Caldwel & Ryan Tessier

The day before our wedding, it had been torrential downpours all day. I don't think I remember another day where it rained so hard for so long. So, I was very nervous that our wedding day would take place in much the same weather, and it was a little upsetting. I know weather shouldn't be a huge factor on a day special for so many other reasons, but it was disheartening. I remember waking up that morning, nervous to look out the window. When I finally left with my girls for our hair appointments, I remember walking outside to what was just the perfect day. It was breezy and sunny and warm, an ideal fall day. I just remember feeling so happy and relaxed, all my nervousness dissipated. I knew was going to be a wonderful day. And it was. Our ceremony was beautiful. Our priest, Fr. Ebert, made the ceremony poignant and touching, while also keeping it light hearted and at some moments even funny - perfect. At one point, having said our vows, we believed it was time for the 'kiss.' Having trouble remembering the rehearsal, we weren't sure if the pause was meant for this moment. Ryan, very audibly in the small space, asked Fr. Ebert "Do I kiss her now?" Everyone laughed, as did the priest, as he instructed him gently that no, it was not quite that time yet. The rest of the day and evening passed in a happy whirlwind. Pictures, dancing, laughter, and fun with friends and family. We could not have asked for anything more memorable. It was a beautiful day followed by a great honeymoon. As it happened, our honeymoon was extended a day because hurricane Sandy hit and prevented us from flying back into New York. Coincidentally, the previous year Ryan's sister had had her own honeymoon delayed by the arrival of hurricane Irene. The timing of the storms prompted my father-in-law to announce that "he could not marry off a kid without having to fight of a hurricane." Classic Tess. --